Graham Nash’s Autobiography

wild tales

Good News:
Nash is an honest clear breezy reporter.

Bad News:
I’m skipping huge chunks because of relentlessly redundant instances of
promiscuous sex, mass consumption of drugs, rock ‘n’ roll life, band dysfunction, etc.
and the consequences thereof.

I’m not offended or passing judgement.
I’m just sated.  : )
(Which, as I understand, is the past tense of ‘Satyr’.)

Bastille Day, July 14 – past and present.


1) Prendre le métro à North Hollywood.
2) Rencontrez Adam pour le café.
3) Marcher ensemble pour Tony Roma’s pour les côtes de boeuf.
4) Je me rends à Léa Seydoux .

In Fiery Speeches, Pope Francis Excoriates Global Capitalism – reports The New York Times

In a related story –
Demonstrating support and solidarity with Pope Francis, Professor Richard D. Wolff converts to Catholicism.
Makes plans for pilgrimage to The Vatican on foot and, in a protest against airlines, by rowboat. reports –
Economist, Richard Wolff, in consultation with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.
Stiffens resolve to give the shaft to his Jewish heritage in seeking to have his foreskin reconstructed.