Note to self:


I was at Cascade Studios a couple of days ago, working on a song with GuyManDude. As I had written the lyrics, I assumed I would be singing the lead vocal. Guy expressed surprise at that. Regardless, when it was time to record a ‘scratch/guide’ vocal, I stood at the mike.

Upon hearing playback, I realized that nothing had changed since I recorded ‘Tiny Asian Girl’* several years ago, then prompting Tom McGill to observe, “You don’t have a conventionally pleasant ‘pop’ voice”.

That characterization had just proved, once again, accurate so I expressed my revelation to Guy by suggesting that he sing the final lead vocal and, maybe, I’d sing background. In the kindest way he responded, “Good call”.

Those who do not possess conventionally pleasant TV/film looks have often been said to have ‘a face for radio’. I suppose, then, it is fair to say that I have ‘a voice for mime’.


Hi. How are you?

I became very irritated and resentful today.  (Family Saga – Chapter 3)
I thought about using.
I ate cookies, instead.
Cookies are bad.
Cocaine is worse.
So, that’s kinda ‘contrary action’, right?
: )
Thanks for being there.

Shivering Hog Beatty

Dear Mr. Dylan,

I listen to this upload of your music that is, likely, unauthorized and for which you probably receive no due remuneration.
OTOH, in view of the hosting site, I will probably get aural lead poisoning so, well, that’s still not going to constitute any restitution to you.
So, I apologize.

פסח שמח
Hog Beatty
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